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With a complete portfolio of services and an experienced team of consultants and experts, we place you and your organization at the core of the solutions we provide.


We provide institutional capacity building, training, advising, and consulting. Our experienced staff have provided program management, project design, contract monitoring, and quality assurance services in some of the world’s most challenging environments. We work with organization and governments to improve effectiveness, accomplish organizational goals especially in the agricultural and educational sector, and achieve financial sustainability in challenging projects. We work diligently with our stakeholders to design, implement or develop competency based technical programs that will train future workforce and meet their strategic goals.

The services include

  • Institutional capacity building;
  • Management capacity strengthening and assimilation of international donor funds;
  • Master Training Programs and instructor development
  • Development of national Vocational Training Institutes to International standards
  • Development of public-private partnerships;
  • Supporting the educational sector with international accreditation
  • Training workshops

Together with our partners, we have designed innovative consultancy solutions to meet our clients’ requirements. We have a wide myriad of internal expertise and strategic partners which are world class companies in different industries to support our core specialties, such as New Technology Integration, Advisory Services, Project Management, Business Development, Organizational Development and Solutions Integration. We can also conduct assessments of ongoing donor-funded programs to measure impact and effectiveness and assist company in assessing international donor aid for development projects.

The services include

  • Government capacity program design and administration
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Policy and Planning Advisory Services
  • Capacity Assessment of Institutions
  • Curriculum development and training manuals
  • Implementation of donor funded project
  • Strategy and Research Frameworks
  • Partnerships development

We offer a complete range of business services that are specifically tailored for enterprises in the Agriculture, Education, Environment and Oil and Gas industries. We collaborate with profit and not for profit organizations including government entities to design and implement strategies and solutions that will help them successfully develop and achieve organizational effectiveness, accomplish business goals, and corporate financial sustainability. Experienced in a diverse array of industries, our expertise will help bring positive growth across sectors.

The services include

  • Organizational Development
  • Advisory and Consulting (Including Audit and Compliance)
  • Training (including Train the trainer)
  • Entrepreneurship (Business plan, Minority compliance, Funding…)
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • International Accreditation and Certification Services
  • Facilities design and implementation
  • Equipment and materials provision

We place human well-being at the core of the initiatives we offer, and our solutions take a holistic approach to tackle complex issues of employee health and productivity, absenteeism, and medical cost containment. We strive to improve individual health and wellbeing and enhance organizational performance. Our experienced consultants offer executive coaching and training to guide directors, trustees, and staff and to develop tomorrow’s leaders.

The services include

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Wellness and Health
  • Speaking & Communication
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Selling