Our Courses

Leadership Training

Whether you are responsible for developing your company, others, or yourself, the more effective you are as a leader, the further you will go

Project Management

This interactive course will equip participants with the skills and knowledge to deliver successful projects, within the budget, to the deadline and of sound business value

Strategic Bids & Contracts

This workshop develops fundamental procurement processes and contract management knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately in all aspects of effective business and project procurement

Sales and Marketing

To achieve your organisation's full potential you need a full toolbox of marketing techniques spanning traditional and social media. Keep your skills and knowledge in this fast-moving area up-to-date and effective with our exciting portfolio of field-leading courses.

Gender Based Violence

The overall purpose of the training programme is to increase participant’s knowledge and understanding of the concept of gender, and gender-based violence, sexuality, and rights.

Change Management

Having a smooth transition when change occurs is essential in any situation, and your participants will gain some valuable skills through this workshop.

Communication Strategies

Whether it’s the speech you deliver in the boardroom, the level of attention you give your spouse when they are talking to you, or the look you give the cat, it all means something.

Team Work and Team Building

For most of us, teamwork is a part of everyday life. Whether it’s at home, in the community, or at work, we are often expected to be a functional part of a performing team.

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